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Hugo Fjelsted Alrøe, PhD, Independent Scholar

Hi! My area of expertise is philosophy of science and ethics, mainly in relation to interdisciplinary and participatory research in the field of food, agriculture and environment.

Hugo with kitten

In philosophy of science I place myself in the pragmatist tradition from Charles S. Peirce, inspired by later scientists and thinkers such as Niels Bohr, Gregory Bateson, Robert M. Pirsig and Niklas Luhmann. I work with a perspectivist framework in line with Ronald Giere’s scientific perspectivism, but with a cross-disciplinary focus. Important theoretical fields in my work are Peircean semiotics, biosemiotics and social systems theory.

In ethics I am mainly inspired by Hans Jonas’ ethics of responsibility, but also by Aldo Leopold’s land ethic and more recent work in technological and environmental ethics. I focus on the ethics of knowledge and science and ethics in relation to societal, technological and ecological systems, including recent systemic ethical concepts such as sustainability, precaution and ecological justice.

I have a background in agricultural science and a PhD in systemic research methodology and ethics from 2001. In 2002 I founded the international online Organic Eprints research archive, which now contains more than 15000 research papers. In 2004–2005 I served as expert member of the global task force on rewriting the principles of organic agriculture. 2011–2014 I was project leader of the Danish interdisciplinary and participatory research project MultiTrust (, and Work Package leader in the crossdisciplinary EU research project HealthyGrowth ( 2008–2014 I developed and taught the course in Philosophy of agricultural science at Aarhus University. Full CV below.

Hugo Fjelsted Alrøe, Ph.D.

Postal address: Hærupvej 14, Hærup, 9500 Hobro, Denmark
Mobile phone: +45 6177 5599

Email: hugo.f.alroe /AT/

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